Old Fashioned Photographer

Press gang 2I couldn’t resist buying this wonderful camera called a Speed Graphic which came with the traditional flash mount and even a couple of darkslides. Back when I did my Photography degree in the 1970s, I was trained on large format cameras and learned to compose photos using the upside down and right to left image on the ground glass screen at the back of the camera. The screen was also hard to see  and also needed a magnifying loupe to fine focus – that’s why photographers used the black cloths to cover their heads and the camera. This Speed Graphic along with other models from various manufacturers such as Gandolfi, MPP and Linhof was designed to be portable and featured viewfinders and focus scales for quick use.

This particular model is the iconic press camera that appeared in the Hollywood films of the day – I wonder what clients would think if I took this to my next job?


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