Spanish Lady


This set of four photos evolved by chance whilst out exploring on a holiday in Spain armed with my Contax and it’s wonderful Zeiss T *  50mm 1.4 lens .


I was enjoying  the shadows and textures of the backstreets when I suddenly saw an elderly figure step out of a doorway with a cane extended. The diagonal created by the cane complimented the vertical and perspective lines, so I grabbed a quick shot then moved closer and took another. The lady had seen me by now so I smiled and asked if I could  take her photo in  the doorway, she  smiled back and nodded and I took two more. We then had a great chat about all sorts of things including the fact that she’d actually helped the resistance movement during wartime when she lived in Southern France and now lived with her son and grandchildren.


I realise that today I would have used the zoom lens on my digital and rattled off a score of photos and to be on the safe side legally, I would’ve had to have the lady sign a model release – which would’ve meant difficult explanations in my pidgin spanish.  I would have missed these great photos of a wonderful lady!

Spanish Lady 1 Ben 2 Ben 3 Ben 4

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