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Peter G. Dobson

I’m a Professional Photographer in Columbus GA with a business called Artful Dobson Photography. Born in Yorkshire, England and transplanted to Georgia, USA, in 1999, I’ve been a photographer ever since I was given my first camera. I completed a photography degree after three years at college in London and then gained my Associateship of The British Institute of Professional Photographers which gave me the letters ABIPP after my name – very posh! My images have been published as book covers, calendars, posters, postcards, CD and Album covers as well as in newspapers, books and magazines around the world.

I’ve had two exhibitions of my work with images in several public collections and Art Galleries as well as many private ones and I’ve even won a few awards.

Apr 252016

Cysgodion Celtaidd or Celtic Shadows is a combination of my music, images
and video in a visual interpretation of the Welsh word “Hiraeth”, which
doesn’t have a direct English translation but suggests a longing or
nostalgia for the home land. A feeling identifiable by all expats,
not just Welsh and Celtic ones.
The video is a progression from early Welsh times to present day
noting the many influences on the way and ending with a poem that sums
it all up. Click to watch:

Nov 162014

Sea Art

The sea has always been a universally popular subject for artists and photographers and I wish I lived closer to it! I do take every chance I can get to visit and I recently put together a collection of my most popular selling images; some are straight photos and others are sketches and digital art. Each one has the potential to connect the viewer to his or her favorite sea fantasy, memory or desire.

Nov 162014

Gazing Ball at Chimney Rock, Colorado

This is a unique and whimsical collection of images of various sized gazing balls in different locations. It started out when I became fascinated by the fact that the image shows not just the view in front of the observer but the ball’s reflection shows the view behind as well, including of course, the photographer. From my artistic point of view, there’s a zen-like conflict in showing a perfect sphere with a mirror reflection in an incongruous environment.

Web pic 2


The “Travels with a Gazing Ball” series continues to attract a lot of attention at Art Shows and other events and some prints have won awards. People of all ages are fascinated by the concept and buy the prints to display at home not only because they’re strong images but also serve as conversation starters. “These are going to make great talking points on my wall!” is a frequent comment and it’s not unusual for customers to buy two or more to form an eye-catching group.

Web pic 1


People keep asking me where they can buy the prints to frame themselves or they want to tell their friends about the series so please have a look at the gallery.





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