Special effects or straight photography?

The purist would say that a photograph should stand entirely on its own merits but would probably admit that sometimes colour photos are acceptable. I love black and white and to me nothing quite equals the look and feel of a large print on proper silver halide paper like Ilford Gallerie, with blacks so deep and rich you can fall into them.

Okay, sometimes I used to tone them with selenium…oh alright and I’ve used used sepia toning, iron toning and Colovir (more about Colovir in another post) and yes, I montaged and manipulated prints in the darkroom to achieve different looks, ideas and emphasis. Then along came Photoshop and digital cameras and I went crazy experimenting, trying to get that unique edge. Trouble is that so did everybody else and then Instagram was invented and now everyone’s a fine art photographer. Or are they?

Lately I seem to have gone full circle and prefer my personal work as simple black and white, except… when I discover a new tweak in Photoshop!

Here’s a photo of an action actress/stunt double from Atlanta, originally taken in colour and then played with it to get the result I originally envisaged.

Jo sword


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