Kittens in a basket.

No, it’s not the latest fast food but a tip on how to photograph unruly felines.

Pet photography is never easy as keeping the subjects still is always a challenge and never more so when kittens or puppies are involved. A lady asked me to photograph her prize-winning cat’s offspring so I happily said yes, whilst inwardly groaning and resigning myself to a lengthy studio session.  How to keep them stationary and in focus? Drugs? Glue? Then I had an idea. (more…)

Models and Perverts.

I was commissioned to photograph a line of sumptuous knitwear and employed the services of my two favourite models. The location was a windy cliff top overlooking the sea – suitably wild and rugged, the perfect backdrop. The location was also downhill, nicely isolated and hidden from the road which hardly had any traffic. (more…)

The Mystique of the Photographer

Back in the old days before digital cameras, photographers had a certain mystique –  you had to know all about film, filters, darkroom paraphernalia, printing, chemicals, light meters, color temperature and so on as well as all the physical aspects such as posing, lighting and composition. Photographers were respected for their breadth of knowledge and the profession had a certain cachet.  (more…)

Poop Proof Camera Bags.

Here’s a story from my days in Wales when I was hired by the Welsh Lamb industry to produce some advertising photos for a brochure. The art director wanted a beautiful valley and mountains in the background and a photogenic flock of sheep, a shepherd and his dog in the foreground. (The next part contains a disturbing photo, do not continue if you are easily offended!)  (more…)

Princess Diana and the Triffid

Yes it’s another random story from my photographic life in Wales, this one by by popular request – The Princes and the Triffid.
(Note: For those of you who don’t know, a TRIFFID is a walking alien monster plant as featured in John Wyndham’s book “Day of the Triffids” which was also made into a movie).

As a regular photographer for the Welsh Craft Council, I used to take publicity photos at their various functions. One such event was Princess Diana’s visit to the Craft Council’s annual get together in Swansea city hall as she was the council’s Patron. (more…)

A degree in Photography

Studying photography at college in the 1970s was a lot different to what I’d expected. The three year course was science based to produce photographers for the industrial, scientific, engineering and manufacturing type environments. Photographers from the college went on to work in research institutes, forensics, military, laboratories and commercial companies.

The first days were spent in practicing loading darkslides with 5×4 inch sheet film, the dark slide being the thin wooden box that holds the film in place in a view type camera. (more…)

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